About Chris Masters - Owner

Before I started Alternative Closets & Garages in 1988, I worked in the closet organization industry for a few years.  In that time, I saw several problems – design, material, pricing, professionalism and others.  I knew I had a natural talent for organization and the ability  envision what could be designed into these interior spaces.  I also had a desire to start my own company.

In 1988, I knew I had  solutions and alternatives, so I started my own organizing company and gave it the only name that made sense to me,  Alternative Closets & Garages. The goal of the company would be and remains the same today—organization at an affordable price. How do I achieve this goal?  The answer is I keep my overhead low by designing and manufacturing a majority of the products at one location which makes the process more efficient!  I learned the more  suppliers  (“middle-men”) you purchase from, the more costly your finished product becomes.  To minimize the number of suppliers used,  I started designing and manufacturing my own products (drawer units, cabinets, work benches, closet and garage installation systems) in-house.  These cost-savings measures means you receive a quality product, built in Surprise, Arizona, designed to meet your needs and allows us to pass on the savings to you.

My unique designs are efficient while maximizing your space. The finished product is attractive in appearance yet strong and durable as are the accessories used.   Can the designs, materials and accessories be elevated—absolutely!   Keep in mind an “elaborate design” does not always equate to the most efficient use of space.  Upgrades in materials and/or  accessories does not mean another material or accessory is any less durable.  It is our goal to design your space to your desired wants and wishes.

With 30+  years’ experience, Alternative Closets & Garages brings you a vast knowledge-base to address your needs to get the most out of your existing space.  Whether it is a walk-in or reach in closet, office, pantry,  linen closet, another area in your home  or garage you would like to organize; together we can make the most of your space.  These changes not only provide you the benefit of organizing your space and making it aesthetically pleasing but can actually add value to your home.

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