About us

About Us

Welcome to Alternative Closets & Garages – I’m Chris Masters, Owner, and here is my story.

Before I started Alternative Closets & Garages in 1988, I worked in the closet organization industry for a few years.  In that time, I saw several problems – design, material, pricing, professionalism and others.  I knew I had a natural talent for organization and the ability  envision what could be designed into these interior spaces.  I also had a desire to start my own company.

In 1988, I knew I had  solutions and alternatives, so I started my own organizing company and gave it the only name that made sense to me,  Alternative Closets & Garages. The goal of the company would be and remains the same today—organization at an affordable price. How do I achieve this goal?  The answer is I keep my overhead low by designing and manufacturing a majority of the products at one location which makes the process more efficient!  I learned the more  suppliers  (“middle-men”) you purchase from, the more costly your finished product becomes.  To minimize the number of suppliers used,  I started designing and manufacturing my own products (drawer units, cabinets, work benches, closet and garage installation systems) in-house.  These cost-savings measures means you receive a quality product, built in Surprise, Arizona, designed to meet your needs and allows us to pass on the savings to you.

My unique designs are efficient while maximizing your space. The finished product is attractive in appearance yet strong and durable as are the accessories used.   Can the designs, materials and accessories be elevated—absolutely!   Keep in mind an “elaborate design” does not always equate to the most efficient use of space.  Upgrades in materials and/or  accessories does not mean another material or accessory is any less durable.  It is our goal to design your space to your desired wants and wishes.   

With 30+  years’ experience, Alternative Closets & Garages brings you a vast knowledge-base to address your needs to get the most out of your existing space.  Whether it is a walk-in or reach in closet, office, pantry,  linen closet, another area in your home  or garage you would like to organize; together we can make the most of your space.  These changes not only provide you the benefit of organizing your space and making it aesthetically pleasing but can actually add value to your home.   

Is Your Cluttered Closet a Big Hang-up?

Is Your Closet a Hangup?

Bottom line, you can afford to “Organize that Cluttered Space into Your Organized Place” with Alternative Closets & Garages.

At Your Convenience

For your free in-home consultation and installation of the organizing system our team works with you to coordinate times that fit into your busy schedule.

Choices and Budget

We offer many choices when it comes to material, design and accessories that help us provide you with the right solutions that fit into your desired look and budget.

Installation Day

Our team will treat your home with care and respect at all times, ensuring a clean and professional installation.  In most cases installation is a one-day process, depending on the size of the project.  

Product Guarantee

Each organizing system is covered with a limited warranty against major defects in materials and workmanship of the products for as long as you own your home.



My closet and pantry were customized by Chris and I couldn't be happier. Much thought went into the design and he used only quality materials. Ten years later and I am still loving my organized life!!!

M Parks

We were so glad to have happened upon Chris Masters when we needed a garage storage system. He's an honest man with a great sense of humor and has the deep experience to be able to handle unexpected challenges. While the price was affordable, his work was high quality. Proof is in the fact it was built and installed in 2004 and, 19 years later, everything still works perfectly. He listened to our thoughts about what we wanted and came up with a great design. It consists of cabinets of various heights and sizes, with shelving and swinging doors, a large cabinet with sliding doors, and a work bench. It's allowed us to more efficiently utilize our space, along with keeping everything clean and web-free. This was one of the smartest decisions we made after moving into our house.

D Peterson

Chris I wanted to thank you for the excellent craftsmanship and professionalism I received for my master bedroom closet install and the cabinets in my garage have made it so much easier to keep organized and find things! Your work has been the highest of of quality I’ve received yet and I’ve had experience with many different companies. I can’t thank you enough for your punctuality and wonderful work ethic and response time. You left my home in pristine condition and I couldn’t be happier.

R Rothman

We loved Chris and his company, Alternative Closets and Garages. He was very responsive, professional, extremely detailed, well organized, and delivered what he promised. He took great time in listening what our needs were, offered suggestions, visited our home several times to make sure that he had everything designed exactly as we discussed. Chris doesn't take short cuts and has quality product for a fair price. We recently bought a 6-year home, which had limited shelving in the garage, closets and pantry. The one thing that really helped, was that Chris came to our old home and saw exactly how we stored our belongings. He then went to our new home and was able to design what was needed to accommodate our belongings. Chris worked to install the new custom cabinets in the garage and have our closets and pantry finished, while we were on vacation. if you want honesty, professionalism, high quality work and service, Chris Masters is your answer. We look forward to using him on upcoming projects in the spring. I highly, highly recommend Chris and his firm. You will be very satisfied. Trish and Steve in Peoria.

S Hall

We recently purchased a house and wanted a nice storage system across the front wall of our garage. We planned on assembling cabinets purchased from a major retailer. After checking with a custom garage cabinet business owner and noting the tremendous upgrade in quality, we knew that was a better choice, but the cost of their system had us stalled. Then we discovered “Alternative Closets and Garages.” Chris came to our house to measure and then present cabinet options. We saw pictures of his work and realized he built nice looking, sturdy pieces. When he gave us the price for the garage design we wanted, we were thrilled! He was able to work within our budget to meet our garage storage needs. He did all the installation and it fits like a glove in the space we allocated. We finally have plenty of storage and everything off the garage floor. Now, we just have to decide whether we want to put a stain on the wood, but we may not because it looks good just the way it is.

D & E Peterson

I was project lead and quality control person for a client who resided in Murietta California. I supervised the construction of their new log style 3000 square foot retirement home in the Cassel area. As the move in date approached, it became apparent, the lead contractor would not complete his scope of work in a timely manner. As a consequence, certain aspects of the project needed to be reassigned to new sub-contractors. One particular requirement was to design, construct, and install all necessary shelving, clothes racks, and supports for the four-bedroom closets and kitchen pantry. After discussing our needs with qualifying businesses, we chose Alternative Closets and Garages to complete that aspect of construction. Due to the short timeframe remaining before the move-in date, Alternative Closets and Garages was put under and accepted a tight timeframe to complete the task agreed to. Chris, from Alternative Closets and Garages met with the owners and myself to discuss and agree to the design and installation that would meet the needs of the new owners. Chris and his staff diligently worked to cut and fabricate all materials necessary to complete the project on time as agreed to. Despite bad weather predictions and possible road closures due to snow, Chris and staff arrived. Installation of all shelving, clothes racks, and supports were completed in one day – on time. Having experienced much contractor and sub-contractor ill performance on this project, I can wholeheartedly say that it was with much satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment that I could work with and depend on Alternative Closets and Garages. I have no hesitation in recommending Alternative Closets and Garages to future clients. They performed well and most importantly, came through on time.

S Wolf

My experience with Chris Masters, owner of Alternative Closets & Garages was very personal. He came to my home and took time to view what I had and listened to what I wanted. He even gave some very good suggestions that I’m so happy I chose to do. I contacted 2 other companies that came to my home but didn’t quite give me that personal contact that I wanted. Both came up with their own ideas and neither was what was best for me. Their prices were higher and I would have received less than what Alternative Closets & Garages did for me. I ‘m very happy with the work and the professionalism from Alternative Closets & Garages.


This is a wholehearted endorsement of Alternative Closets and Garages work! I had the closets in my master bedroom renovated and was so thrilled with them that I then had storage units built in my garage! The workmanship was solid and beautifully finished. As a working person, it was a rare pleasure to deal with craftsmen who performed ON TIME. And they left the jobsite (my home) clean; ready to use. Alternative Closets and Garages provided one of the few perfectly satisfying experiences of my homeowner career.

J Goe

Wanted to write you a quick note of thanks for the wonderful job you did on my Garage Cabinets. They look like they could be moved into my den. My wife especially appreciated the finished look against the garage ceiling. All in all, I would recommend your work to anybody. Thanks again.

E Reynolds

Our garage is now spectacular thanks to Chris Masters, owner of Alternative Closets and Garages. It truly was a pleasure to work with Chris to completely redesigned our garage, which includes a 6-foot work bench, 19 feet of closets with multiple shelves and sliding doors, and a 6-foot cabinet over the washer/dryer. After describing to Chris what I had in mind, he created an exceptional space for storage. Plus, he always arrived on time, has a great eye for detail, kept a clean work area since our project was done in stages at my request, and has a wonderful sense of humor! I can’t give Chris and his company a higher recommendation. Thank you!


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