Welcome to Alternative Closets & Garages – I’m Chris Masters, Owner, and here is my story.

Before I started Alternative Closets & Garages I worked for one of the largest closet organizing companies in the United States. I started as a shop helper, became an installer and was promoted to
production manager. As time went by, I noticed that this company and others like them focused their business model for clientelle with a higher income level. One day I posed the question to my boss (owner of the company) why we were not marketing to middle and lower income levels. In a nut shell, the answer was that it would be a waste of the company’s time and resources to market its products and services to the middle and lower income consumer. It was predetermined that they could not afford it and they would not have an understanding of the concept of organizing a closet. I walked away from the conversation perplexed and a little insulted as I counted myself among the middle or lower income consumer that would benefit from this concept. Organizing a closet, pantry, or a garage made perfect sense to me.

Is Your Closet a Hangup?
Is Your Closet a Hangup?
In 1988, I knew I had a solution, an alternative, so I started my own organizing company and gave it the only name that made sense to me, Alternative Closets & Garages. The goal of the company would be and remains the same today—organization at an affordable price. How can I achieve this goal, the answer is I keep my overhead low, design and manufacture a majority of the product at one location which makes the process more efficient! I do not charge an outrages mark-up on my accessories, yet I am able to provide a variety of materials options to choose from. I learned the more supplies you buy from outside vendors the more costly the finished product becomes. To reduce the number of vendors used, I started designing and manufacturing my own products (drawer units, cabinets, work benches and more) and systems (closet & garage installations) in-house. These steps reduced/eliminated the number of vendors, “middle man” which saves money. The savings are passed on to you. In no way should you think because of these cost-saving measures you are getting an inferior design or product, you are not! My unique designs are efficient while maximizing your space. The finished product is attractive in appearance yet strong and durable, as well as the quality of accessories used.
Can the designs, materials and accessories be elevated—absolutely; however, keep in mind an elaborate design does not always equate to the most efficient use of the space, expensive materials does not
mean another material is any less durable, and high-end accessories are no less functional than other accessories that are available.

Bottom line you can afford to "Organize that Cluttered Space into Your Organized Place" with Alternative Closets & Garages.

Alternative Closets & Garages is here to meet your organization needs, whether it is a closet, garage, pantry, linen closet or another area in your home we provide you an appealing, functional, durable, quality product that is built to last.

-Chris Masters, Owner

Product Guarantee

Each organizing system is covered with a limited warranty against major defects in materials and workmanship of the products for as long as you own your home.

Choices and Budget

We offer many choices when it comes to material, design, and accessories that help us provide you with the right solutions that fit into your desired look and budget.

At Your Convenience

For your free in-home consultation and installation of the organizing system our team works with you to coordinate times that fit into your busy schedule.

Installation Day

Our team will treat your home with care and respect at all times, ensuring a clean and professional installation.